The Psychic Reader newspaper was born in Berkeley California on Haste Street in 1975,  having evolved from Its first generation, the Psychic Times, edited by Ken Burk, a clairvoyant student of the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI).


The Psychic newspaper was the dream creation of Lewis Bostwick, Founder and Director of the BPI, seminary workshop of the Church of Divine Man.

He wanted to get the word out to the community that everyone is psychic, and that if you knew that you were sensitive to energy and saw things, heard things and knew things that he had some tools to protect you from absorbing the negative forces of others’ energy.

He wanted everyone to know that you can heal yourself with psychic tools; he wanted everyone to know that you can not only heal yourself, but you can facilitate the healing of others using specific psychic tools. He was a natural healer and a clairvoyant who saw in people’s auras when others were seeing things too. He could not only read people’s auras but he knew how to teach others how to use that natural ability safely.

The key word was safely. He knew what it meant to be Grounded and how this Psychic Tool could change the planet. So he created a place to discuss on paper Grounding, among other tools.

The Psychic Reader became his instrument for also spreading the word through articles and stories that a spirit to spirit hello is the most powerful communication on the planet. He taught his students how to have psychic manners and give direct, honest and clear aura readings. He labeled his teachings “Psychic Kindergarten.” Anyone could walk in the door of the BPI and the Psychic Reader was his way of letting people know that all were welcome, no matter what religion or spiritual practice…everyone could benefit from psychic tools of protection and he wanted articles and stories about how this system worked. He also invited writers from all aspects of the new age:

Kami McBride on herbal healing, Judith Orloff on intuitive psychiatry, and columns answering readers’ questions ala “Dear Abby”; male and female energy issues; stories of pilgrims’ world-wide spiritual adventures and much more.


Lewis recruited his wife, Susan Hull Bostwick, to generate his manifestation as editor/manager of the newly renamed Psychic Reader, which lasted for 34 years. The Psychic Reader was a pulp newspaper, then magazine and attracted those in the spiritual marketplace who had services to offer the public. It ended that cycle in 2010. Now years later it is being reborn as an electronic media.