The Secret of Cheops

The Great Pyramid of Cheops is many things to many people — theories about its origin, history and purpose abound: some see the massive stone structure as simply the burial place of the pharaoh, others see a mysterious temple wherein are performed strange and esoteric rites of initiation and transformation, others see it as the generator of “pyramid energy,” and still other as a landing platform for UFOs.  Nearly everyone has some historical if not fanciful notion of what the Pyramid is about; but one thing is certain — the impact of the structure is awesome.  It commands one to question and for this reason the Great Pyramid is a Great Teacher.

About what does it teach and to whom does it speak? How can stone have a message and just what is the real “energy” generated by its architecture?  These and other questions will be answered in the following interview with Bernard Pietsch, author, lecturer, meteorologist extraordinaire.

by SUZANNE TOMPSON   for Psychic Life Magazine

P.L: Before we start with the Who, What, Where, and Why of the Pyramid, can you say in a sentence, just what you believe the Pyramid is about?

B.P: There are many levels to that question, but I would sa in a nut-shell that the Pyramid is a statement, a celebration in fact, of man’s potential to participate in harmony with the universe, and as he evolves on a conscious level, to understand and comply with the Laws of the Universe.

P.L: Then perhaps we should ask just how this kind of understanding could be stored in a pile of stones?

B.P: Exactly.  Cheops is no less than a huge “book” containing the knowledge, understanding and wisdom of a great civilization.  The attainments of that civilization have been far underestimated by modern science, in fact it is difficult to obtain the sincere attention of most physical scientists because they are convinced that nothing but nonsense can come from this “pile of stones.” This “book” that is Cheops is written in the lengths, widths and volumes of the stones, in their ratios, proportions and even weights and sound.

P.L: How did you come to be interested in Cheops?

B.P: I began to seriously study the measurements of the Great Pyramid when a close friend of mine loaned me a book, The Great Pyramid, Its Divine Message by Davidson.  My research for the previous 25 years had been primarily concerned with the study of biological and physical cycles, i.e., tides, weather, earth magnetism, plant and animal rhythms, astronomy, etc.

As I began to digest the ratios, proportions and various measurements of the pyramid, I noticed certain numbers cropping up repeatedly.  Before long I discovered a whole framework of time and cycles that patched both my findings in Nature and the measures in the Great Pyramid.  It did not take long to see that the basic concept to which all the numbers applied was the Golden Proportion, also called the Divine Proportion because it is found everywhere in both natural patterns of growth and in the performance of physical dynamics.

We see it in the logarithmic curve of sea shells and bird wings, in the spiraling of plants, in the twist of the DNA molecule, in the celestial harmonics of the periods of the planets.  The ancients revered this proportion both as the ratio of 1 divided by .618 and as the number 1.61822977, and incorporated it in mush of their architecture.

P.L: Did you have some special kind of ability or preparation that enabled you to “read” the stones?

B.P: Somewhere early in my life, probably when I was about 27, I suddenly learned to accept that what I saw, was indeed what I saw, and not what I thought it “should” have been.  It was a simple revelation but a profound one in my life.

With that attitude I observed what is at the Great Pyramid.  The communication system used there is a simple one, and the lessons are simply given.  There is no requirement that any person should become more complex in order to read the message, rather the opposite.

What is there to be seen can be seen through the eyes of a child.  We must then learn how to study this great book without opinion, without expectation, without bias and without demands.  A demonstration of the Pyramid is a model of the potential of man to “put it all together” is seen quite directly in the fact that every single bit is harmonized and supportive of every other single bit in the structure.

It is perhaps lamentable that we have drifted so Fair as to have lost touch with the simple reality of the cosmic harmony.  Ye the structure stands as an affirmation and a promise that we shall yet again rise to the position of that attainment of an understanding that is rightfully ours if we but do the work necessary to earn it.

P.L: Who built the Pyramid?

B.P: We cannot say with any certainty who it was that caused the Great Pyramid or the other pyramids on the Giza Plateau to be built, but I will submit that it was not built by “gods from outer space.” First of all, the message of the pyramid is in its measures.  The units of length used by the ancient architect were not selected arbitrarily.

Each measure, wheather common cubit, sacred cubit, foot or furlong, is a precise and meaningful unit derived from the internal frequencies of the human body — the harmonized human body.  The heart has a beat, the breath has duration, the voice has vibration, ect.  All of these ‘events’ in the body — heartbeat, breath, vibbrotto, can be called frequencies because each event recurs in a certain period of Time, therefore they are linked to time.

Any measures if they are based on relevant frequencies or events occurring in the universe will be inherently related to one another, just as the rhythms and cycles of the whole cosmos are reflected in all of Nature, whether on the animal, mineral, vegetable or planetary level.  Thus, harmonics of planetary relationships are found in the very physiology of the human body.

Because Man evolved on an earth affected by vibratory rates, i.e., the daily rotation of the planet, lunar phases, revolutions around the sun, plus the input of all other planets, it is reasonable to assume that the spectrum of all these various “gravitational” effects would be designed into what Man has become both as form and process.  He is, as is all of Nature, the repository of all the cycles and all the patterns of his developing environmnet — his biological, geophysical, astronomical heritage.  The genetic code contains not only the blueporint of the individual organism, but also the cumulative history of the entire species as it evolved.

In short, the pyramid measures were derived from a human body which evolved on this planet.  A being from another planet would have body frequencies peculiar to the place of his origin.

Secondly, I believe the pyramid could not have been built by people who did not care and who were not inspired to work with extreme precision and exactitude.  It was physically built by a group of people dedicated, in every fiber to their being to the construction of a perfect pyshical reflection of the principle which they religiously held to be the truth.  This is the principle of MAAT:Truth, Justice, Law.

P.L: Legends for hundreds, even thousands of years have intimated that the Great Pyramid contained the “secrets” of a hidden science.  Would you comment on that please?

B.P: Yes.  The pyramid is alleged to have contained “the knowledge of science and mathematics, geometry, cycles of the time, astrology and all that pertained to man’s past, present and future.”

P.L:  How could this be when except for a bit of graffiti left by the workmen, there is no writing of any kind in the pyramid?

B.P: All is presented graphically in measures and ratios.  Cheops truly is a pyramid of records; and the recors are of a most significant nature, namely the record of the height of water in a nearby well — 206 years in fact, of daily observation of the rise and fall of the water level on the Giza Plateau.

P.L: Why would that be so important?

B.P: For the simple reason that water accurately and sensitively refelects the cumulative gravitational effects ofs the moon and other planets upon the earth.  Herodotus, the acient Greek historian, writes that he was told by the priest of Egypt that there was a wll “inside” the pyramid 80 cubits deep.  We understand the veiled language to mean not that the well was within the pyramid, but that the record of its variable depth was “in” the pyramid — in the varying heights of the stones of the 206 origianl courses or levels of Cheops.

The irregular height of the courses reflects changes and irregularities in the earth’s motion and the influence of other heavenly bodies upon the earth.  We should be able to correlate the stone “record” of this period of 206 years with the “natral” records formed during the same period in the rings of trees (dendrochronology), the growth patterns of certain coral reefs, and core samples of glacial deposits for example.  All these growing or accumulating processes register the subtle changes in their environment.  Growth patterns may be slightly different from year to year depending on weather, temperature and planetary influences.

Years of drought or cold for example show up as stunted or thinner layers of tree ring.  Similarly, some levels of the courses of Cheops are “thinner” or “thicker” than average, indicating the occurance of some variation in the celestial drama.

P.L: How could this information

B.P: The quest of science has always been to understand and to predict cycles — cycles of heavenly bodies, cycles of weather, cycles of pestilence, even cycles of economics.  Knowledge of cycles requires generations and generations of observation, so it is very valued information.  The ancients responsible for the design of Cheops, we believe, had a profound understanding of the Cycles of Time and how all things interact with one another — No event is separate or isolated in the universe.  Their science was grounded in the observation of a harmonious and lawful universe.  I’ll go into more detail about the mechanics of the ancients’ science after we cover more of the preliminary information.