You Can Heal Headaches

Psychic Healing – You do it to yourself

By Richard WilliamsIMG_0775

Headaches are quite a common phenomenon to the hurry-scurry 20th century inhabitants of Earth.  Pain is a way bodies have of saying: “Hey! Something isn’t right here!  Will you listen?”

Have you ever had a person stare at you so hard you can’t think?  A comment I heard the other day from a lady was, “Every time my mother-in-law comes to visit, she follows me around all day and I get the worst headache!”

As psychics, we are aware of a very important energy center located near the pineal gland in the brain.  This is called the clairvoyant chakra.  When we put our attention point behind this chaka, and look out at the world, we can, in essence, sit in the driver’s seat of the vehicle, our body, and be in a very aware, capable space.

So what happens when a dense, foreign energy invades that space?  Sometimes we get scattered or confused.  Oftentimes, we feel pain as the body’s warning signal flashes on, telling us something’s not right.

I have counseled many people with headaches.  Pain is merely the physical manifestation of an energy problem.  One cause of head pain is a powerful attention point from another person.  Someone is wondering: “What is he thinking?  What is he going to do next?” Oftentimes that attention point is centered in your head.  Here you are trying to create and someone else puts their attention on you quite strongly.  Wham! You feel pain.  You have been invaded in the middle of your head by a strong attention point.

Another reason you might experience pain is from someone placing a cord, or energy line of communication, into your space, either into the back of your head, forehead, or the top of your head.  Someone may be trying to say hello but doesn’t know how to do it without throwing her energy around.  Sometimes people do this to control you (“Solve my problem, please”) or to feed the information into you, which is also a form of control.  And then there are those people who don’t like you, don’t like what you think or don’t like how capable you may be.  It’s literally like someone hitting you with their fist on an energy level.  An energy whack.  Well, this is only a part of the story.  How much effort do you put into trying to solve a problem?  How about the ways in which you run the energy in your body?  You grit your teeth, chew on your tongue, bite your lip – these are more obvious signs of effort.  Analyzing information doesn’t require any extra energy or effort.  Oftentimes people start trying to involve their body’s energy into that creative and analyzing thought process and pain will start building up in your head and you start creating a headache.  You might think of this as trying too hard.

Another way we sometimes clog our energy and cause pain is when we stop our creativity.  Energy is always wanting to flow, like water in a river.  IF you don’t allow the flow to occur, a damming-up occurs.  Perhaps you stop your creativity because people around you don’t want you to create something, or perhaps because of fear.  Many reasons exist, yet they can all lead to that same feeling, that dark ring – around- the- head feeling of pain.

Healing ourselves can sometimes be so simple that we can’t have it.  We have been brainwashed that pain begets pain.  We are use to lots of effort, surgery and prescription drugs.  We are used to little results and lots of hassle.  It’s just too easy to believe that you can sit back, create a space where you can be just with yourself for a while, and move the blocked energy out.

One problem I have as a healer when I heal headaches is people want to know the exact reasons why they have it so they won’t do it again.  This is one reason why the energy can’t move and the pain stays.  Stop analyzing and analyzing and analyzing.

There are some amusing things to say about a sometimes unamusing sensation.  Part of the permission to analyze your headache comes from T.V. You can turn on a T.V. and they’ll tell you how to hurt today.

They tell you exactly what your hurt is supposed to feel like.  Remember those diagrams where the person has lightening bolts coming out of their head?  There is pain that starts between your eyes and emanates out the eyeballs.  There’s pain that starts at the base of your skull and puts your whole head into a vice-grip with the pain emanating out your teeth.  There are tiny ones – but watch out!  IF you don’t worry about them, they are liable to grow into BIG ONES.  So here is your permission to worry.  After you’ve got the pain the T.V. will tell you what pill to buy to get rid of it.

Here are six simple steps for curing your own headache yourself:

  1. RELAX and be still
  2. SIT in a quiet space.
  3. STOP self-trashing and self-analyzing and Start self giving.
  4. LOVE yourself.
  5. Ground – put a cord of your energy down in the earth from the base of the spine.
  6. ALLOW the pain to flow out your grounding cord.